Kerry Wood Is Back. (Photo Via Boys Of Spring, A Must-Bookmark For Cubs Fans)

Yes, we're still alive around here. Time to get this blog going again with pitchers and catchers arriving to camp in Mesa. Let's start out with some great links relating to the Cubs...

Also, since it's been awhile and you may not know anyway:

In addition to this blog, I run Sharapova's Thigh, which is a sports, humor, hot chicks type of site. Think a Maxim-esque theme, but with a sports focus. Basically, it's a site for guys, but we are all about you ladies stopping by.

I also am the editor for theScore.Com's Buzz section on weekends. Like the Thigh, the Buzz includes sports, humorous topics, hot chicks, etc. It's mainly funny or awesome videos/pictures with, like the Thigh, a sports focus.

And I'm a writer at Awful Announcing, which many of you sports blogosphere frequenters are surely familiar with. Our editors and the rest of the writers there do an amazing job tackling topics mainly that relate to the sports broadcasting world.

So, check those sites out and maybe even bookmark them if you're impressed.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for much more Cubs coverage on here over the coming months.

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